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The Application Process

The search for funding requires both perseverance and a significant time commitment. With this in mind, we’ve made our online application and review process as efficient as possible. During every step of our screening process, you will get important feedback and guidance from our members. Whether or not we choose to fund your company, you’ll find our screening process to be an invaluable experience.

  1. Initial Application - Submit an application online via
  2. Steering Committee Pitch - Upon evaluating your application and business plan, one of our members will contact you to further discuss and invite you to pitch at our Steering Committee Meeting. If the Steering Committee decides it is a good fit, you will be invited to move on to our next phase of the process, which is to pitch at the Shasta Angels Pitch Meeting.
  3. Shasta Angels Pitch - If your company has been selected, you will be asked to make a 15 minute pitch presentation with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A
  4. Due Diligence - At this stage, interested investors will thoroughly research and evaluate your business plan, presentation, and financial projections.
  5. Note: Regardless of whether or not a company moves on to the Due Diligence stage, the Shasta Angels believe in developing relationships by providing feedback and mentorship.

Companies submitting business plans to the Shasta Angels will receive advice and feedback from our members. Each year, approximately 40 companies apply for funding. In general, more than 20 companies are usually screened and make a presentation to our members.

Post-Investment Participation

The members of the Shasta Angels have strong ties to local business and professional communities. Their experience, relationships and guidance can significantly contribute to an emerging company’s success.

Typically, members of the Shasta Angels serve on advisory bodies or boards of directors of companies that are funded after proceeding through our review process. This member participation facilitates:

  • The strategic and financial planning and efficient plan execution required in the initial growth phases of new business ventures.
  • Relationships with venture capital firms and other angel groups that can lead to co-investment and/or later-stage investments in an enterprise
  • Interim executive management and consulting when requested
  • Advice or assistance with sales and marketing, recruiting and building strategic relationships
  • Access to cost-effective business facilities and support services

Mentorship will begin with scalable startups after investment, or if Shasta Angels is interested in a company, but they are not quite investable. Our first deliverable would be to prep them for investment. Mentorship will focus on:

  • Business Strategy/Roadmap
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Development
  • Sales Strategy
  • Personal Coaching
  • Team Building/HR

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Please Note
  • The Shasta Angels does not pay finder or success-based fees to any individual or entity in connection with investments made by its members. Additionally, the organization has not authorized any representative, other than its members, to act on its behalf in soliciting investment opportunities.
  • The Shasta Angels does not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Due to the sheer volume of applications submitted, the process of keeping track of each NDA would be prohibitively time consuming and distract us from our goals of providing cogent feedback and, when appropriate, engaging members’ investment interests.
  • The Shasta Angels does not discriminate based upon age, race, religion, gender, national origin, or disability.

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