Shasta Angel Investments

Limelight Health

Healthcare Industry

Limelight Health provides a Saas based platform that quickly allows health insurance agents and their clients to take complex cost, benefit & compliance decisions around employee benefits and make them simple.



FireWhat, Incorporated is a Geographic Information Systems and Technology Company, who maps emergency incidents and creates technologies, to track responders and assets in and out of the field

Suture Ease

Healthcare Industry

Suture Ease develops and markets innovative technologies that combine efficacy and ease of use for laparoscopic procedures.



True Recreation designs and manufactures kayaks equipped with an integrated on-demand pontoon stability system which allows users the freedom to stand and move around while partaking in numerous activities such as fishing and diving.

Axiom Exergy

Axiom Exergy is an energy storage company focused on making the world’s energy systems smarter and more efficient. Our team has deep expertise in supermarket energy management, energy services, and thermal energy systems.


Adjoy is the first ad network for games that allows both game developers and the advertiser, big or small, to live together in perfect harmony. End users are given amazing offers of real world value. Go ahead, tell us which one you are and let’s get started!

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