Investment Criteria

The Shasta Angels provides a forum for entrepreneurs to pitch their vision. The following criteria shall serve as a guideline for prospective companies.

Connected to Shasta County

We believe strongly in investing in our community. Our mission is to nurture growth, promote prosperity and foster collaboration for the better welfare of our region.

Management Team

We look for teams of entrepreneurs with a track record of successful performance and leadership. We’re looking for passion and commitment of the teams’ vision.

Market Opportunity

There must be a clear and realistic strategy to capture a significant share of your target market. Furthermore, a knowledge and understanding of your customer base should be reflected in your marketing and sales strategies.

Competitive Advantage

Your company must have some proprietary features that distinguishes itself from potential competitors such attributes are: intellectual property protection, copyright, exclusive licensing, etc.

Growth Potential

In order for your company to succeed, it is necessary for your company to demonstrate the ability to manage rapid growth and scalable productivity. Particularly, there should be a clear strategy for managing revenue effectively and generating profits.


We are looking for companies that are working toward compelling and defendable market differentiation. Your company will be focused on developing a strong business presence and establishing clear dominance in your market.

Exit Strategy

Due to the high-risk nature of early stage ventures, our members typically seek returns of at least five times their initial investment within a certain time period. Therefore, it is imperative that your company be open to an exit strategy that provides strong returns.

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